When Lexus first reached Australian shores they selected dealers to represent them who had an unwavering commitment to the experience of their customers. Phil McCarroll was one of them and opened the first independent Lexus dealership in the country, in the Sydney suburb of Waitara in 1990.

As a new brand they recognised the need to treat every customer like a guest in their own home and the application of this philosophy saw the Waitara dealership quickly develop a strong reputation with its clients.

With the growing popularity of the brand, Lexus of Newcastle opened its doors in 1999, coinciding with the release of the IS range. In the time that has transpired since it has built on the traditions established at Waitara and grown into one of Australia's largest selling regional dealerships.

One of the keys to our dealership's success has been the incredible team we have had work with us throughout the years. Longevity of this team has allowed us to develop strong relationships with our clients and a level of knowledge that is unsurpassed in our network.

* Some benefits may be reserved for Lexus in car warranty customers. We offer the right to refuse benefits to customers if they do not fall within the terms and conditions.


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